Symfonie Angel Venture Fund

Symfonie Angel Venture Fund invests in seed and early stage companies with high growth potential. We look for companies that offer innovative products or services and are run by experienced, capable entrepreneurs. Other important factors we consider when evaluating an investment include potential to grow revenues and cash flows quickly, ability to become financially stable without large unfunded capital expenditures, the prospects that we can exit the investment within five years and achieve our targeted return on investment.

General focus

We invest in seed and early stage companies between €50,000 and €250,00. We prefer to make investments that we believe can be exited in three to five years.

Sector focus

IT, software, Internet, tech-enabled services , financial and business services, e-commerce, mobile, efficient energy projects, healthcare and others.

Region focus

The fund has primary focus on UK, Czech and Poland. These are the countries where Symfonie has offices and team who work with our portfolio companies.

Our Key Investment Criteria

  • The proposed product or service is readily marketable in the near term.
  • There is an identifiable, proven demand for the product or service.
  • The product or service has unique features and benefits that provide competitive advantage versus similar products and services.
  • The project is not highly capital intensive. Capital investment by one or a few angels is sufficient to fund the company’s next stage of growth and development.
  • The project’s success is not contingent on a series of continual capital raising.
  • The company can be financially self sustaining in the near term.
  • We and other angel investors can add value to the project by taking an active role in the management and development of the company.


We’re always looking for startup and early stage companies. If you want to join our Angel Fund, please submit your application.