Symfonie Investments

In the search for higher portfolio returns and reduced risk investors are constantly looking for new market segments and new strategies to exploit. Alternative investment strategies offered by Symfonie help achieve both return and diversification goals. High growing innovative financial products allow us to leverage our resources for investment outside the traditional financial sphere. Our goal is to provide our unique clients opportunity to diversify and to earn higher returns to traditional equity and fixed income investments.

Our Current Investments Opportunities

Symfonie Angel Venture Fund

  • Diversified portfolio of innovative high growing companies
  • Active, value-added portfolio managament style
  • Managed by successful investors and entrepreneurs
  • Extensive research and due diligence
  • Regular monthly reporting and updates
  • Target exit horizon 3-5 years

High Income Debt Investments

  • Diversified portfolio of innovative high yield instruments
  • Managed by professionals with proven track records
  • Tailored investment strategy that best suits your needs
  • Research and risk management driven process
  • Regular payments of principal and interests
  • Regular reports about portfolio performance

Symfonie Tailored Investments

  • Quality investments hand-picked by portfolio managers
  • Portfolio aligned with your investments goals
  • Unique portfolio of innovative high returns investments
  • Flexible investments alongside professional investors
  • Diversified portfolio of debt and equity products
  • Regular reports and updates about your portfolio

Who Should Invest With Us

Our clientelle are comprised of high net worth individuals and families who are experienced investors. Our minimum account size is US$25,000 or local currency equivalent.

Our services are tailored to meet each client's unique needs and circumstances, though many of our clients share however some common investing preferences. Do any of these sound like you?

If this is what you look for in an investment management firm, contact us.

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